A Personal Approach to Facilitating Change


There are many theoretical models within psychotherapy, and many more personalities of psychotherapists. The relationship between therapist and client is a  fundamental aspect to facilitating change, possibly more so than the theoretical background, and therefore, finding a therapist with a personality that will fit with yours, is essential.


When you begin a therapeutic relationship it is hoped you will feel you and your therapist are 'in it together'. Together, you will work through issues, worries, crisis's, life events, and long term conditions as a team, with the sole purpose of finding positive change or resolutions to negative emotions, feelings, thoughts, and actions.


It is hoped that through work together, a genuine connection will develop, where you will feel safe to bring your story, and all of you into the therapy hour.


Within our personal and professional lives, we strive for empowering relationships. Through a strong and positive therapeutic relationship, it becomes possible to look at areas in our lives that are not working as we would hope, and illuminates possible alternative ways to be within who you are as an individual.


Aspirations within our Therapy Sessions


Overall, we will aim for positive and lasting change to  be achieved.

Where there is scope for change, and the opportunity to step into new and uncharted territory, then there is hope. Hope is a great motivator for change, and the hope of experiencing a new way to be within yourself, will help to create opportunities to change perspectives, possibly offering new ways to look at life, and life events.


Your therapy sessions aim to provide you with:


  • To meet you exactly where you are at in your experiences that have brought you to seek therapy.


  • To engage in a genuine and real connection with you, within the therapeutic relationship, accepting all of who you are, and what your bring.


  • To support you fully whilst we work together in finding what it is you need.


  • To offer a safe, and confidential space, where positive change can occur, in a way that is right for you.

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